Customer support

Exclusive support program for GetPart customers!

The GetPart company respects and appreciates every customer whose support is of great importance to us. We want you to be satisfied with our services after purchasing spare parts.

We are the first who offered the market an unprecedented guarantee for spare parts, namely not only the failed parts, but also other parts that were damaged with this part, damaged through fault of the main breakdown. At the same time, GetPart guarantees the warranty period for the supplied spare parts for up to a year!

Such conditions are not offered by any company on the Russian market!

Also, specifically for our customers in cooperation with the marketing department in Germany, for customers who choose WETZ spare parts, we have developed an exclusive program for WETZ ASSISTANT support!


This is a separate telephone line and other forms of communication convenient for you These are qualified specialists who are ready to provide advice on any issue of your interest! These are our own GetPart service centers, equipped with modern equipment, for repairing engines of any complexity This is a professional on-site service team with all the necessary tools The WETZ ASSISTANT support program is a kind of privileged club that you can join for free!

All that is needed for this is to become our client!

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We are also pleased to inform you that we have an extended warranty for WETZ G-20 spare parts!

WETZ G-20 is a list of the most important spare parts from WETZ

By installing a complete list from the WG-20 list on your engine, you get an extended warranty. An electronic sensor system for the engine is mounted on the engine. Sensors are installed on the engine to read errors and quickly respond to experts GetPart in the event of engine failure.

Find out more about the WG-20 program in the same section of the site.