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GetPart* - in the heart of your technique!

Company *GetPart is a young dynamically developing company, originating in 2010. Since its inception to this day, the mission of the company is to provide Russian consumers of spare parts access to the markets of other countries. And the company's priority is the optimal quality of spare parts at an affordable price.

Why do our clients choose GetPart?
There are several reasons for this:

  • 7 successful years in the market;
  • More than 250 clients in Russia and the CIS;
  • A global network of suppliers, more than 50 partner plants;
  • Availability of spare parts in warehouses in Russia, China and the USA;
  • Providing extended warranty on spare parts;
  • Own service center and exit brigades.

The guarantee of our success:

  • Work without intermediaries - direct deliveries from manufacturers;
  • Multilevel quality control of the supplied products;
  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Respect for customers and their business.
If you do not manage your business, your business will control you. (B. Forbes)

Saving - earning?

It's not a secret that the company's earnings start with savings. GetPart allows you to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance equipment, offering low-cost analogs, as an alternative to spare parts from the original supplier. Given the difficult situation in the economy, this choice is the best tool to reduce the cost of ownership of technology.

On average, overhaul (without replacement of the cylinder block) of the KTTA19 engine using spare parts supplied by GetPart is at least 30% less expensive than similar repairs using original spare parts, without loss of quality and under the same operating conditions.

Time is money!

Due to the fact that GetPart has its own warehouses in the immediate vicinity of you, the delivery time of spare parts, in certain cases, does not exceed several hours. A large assortment, along with a large number of each nomenclature position, allows to ensure the uninterrupted operation of machinery, thereby reducing the time of its idle time.

How do we check the quality?

All are well aware of the fact that working with Chinese manufacturers is associated with a specific specificity of mentality and culture. We understand this as no one else. Therefore, GetPart has opened its own division in China (Chongqing) with its own warehouse and control department, which carefully monitors the quality of the products supplied. And in case of emergencies, the Kemerovo office of the company has its own department for quality control of products. Thus, each spare part passes a minimum of 2 test stages before shipment.

Our spare parts are:

  • 100% genuine spare parts;
  • Reliable and strong packaging;
  • Thoughtful and convenient marking;
  • Multilevel protection against forgery.
  • Effective logistics!

    The GetPart company has an established logistics supply chain, as well as its own declaration department. Thanks to direct contracts with temporary storage warehouses, as well as the presence of own employees at customs posts, both from foreign offices and from the Eurasian Union, the time for passing customs procedures is minimal and, on average, does not exceed 24 hours from the date of filing the declaration.

    Certified and correctly decorated:

    Experienced staff closely monitor that all products imported to the territory of the Eurasian Union, accompanied by the necessary documentation, according to the rules of customs clearance. Thus, our customers receive 100% legally correctly issued goods in accordance with all current regulations and regulations. Accompanying documents also include copies of certificates of conformity and invoices with inscribed GTE numbers.

    Certified and correctly decorated:

    • Alternative methods of delivery of spare parts;
    • Checking requests for extra / missing items;
    • Possibility of "urgent" air delivery of parts;
    • Individual approach to each client.

    Qualitatively new approach:

    The GetPart company is the official supplier of © COSTEX and the exclusive representative of © WETZ in Russia and the CIS.

    We offer:

    • Spare parts WETZ for engines CUMMINS from warehouses in the Russian Federation;
    • Spare parts for WETZ and CUMMINS directly from the manufacturing plants;
    • Original Caterpiller parts in stock and on request;
    • Analogues for CAT engines (CTP, DPD, ITR, ITM, Berco.)

    WETZ - focus on quality *

    * Attention to quality.

    WETZ is an independent Russian-German brand created by professionals in their field! In addition to good price and quality, WETZ spare parts are protected from counterfeits, carefully packed and labeled. Also WETZ boasts a customer support program and an extended warranty!

    Of great importance for WETZ are innovative technologies for the use of alloying elements on the atomic lattice of iron. Combined addition of nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum and other elements. WETZ achieves the best result, while reducing production costs.

    PTP (Costex) - quality products *

    * Quality products.