GetPart guarantees high quality of delivered parts! We are confident in the quality of our products, because we have done a great job!

Participating in the development of technological processes, creating reliable packaging, testing and certifying spare parts, we create the guaranteed quality of the goods for you!

Why can you be sure of the proper quality of spare parts supplied by GetPart? There are several reasons for this:

  1. Cooperating with the German laboratory in Essen, we developed and launched into production, our own brand of spare parts WETZ.
  2. All parts Cummins, WETZ, CAT - supplied by GetPart, are certified and tested accordingly.
  3. Products supplied by GetPart are protected against forgery with the help of identification code and QR code (if you enter the code, you will be taken to our official website where you can see detailed information about the product).
  4. We do not hide our legal information, as you can see in the "Certificates and Protocols" section. The company is open to every client and partner!
  5. Do you want to make sure of the high quality of our goods? Read the positive feedback left by our grateful customers!
  6. All parts have a reliable packaging, which excludes the possibility of mechanical damage during transportation.
  7. The special program developed by GetPart for supporting each client, as well as extended warranties for the supplied spare parts, allow to minimize possible risks.

All these numerous arguments are evidence that our spare parts are of high quality and reliability.

Turning to us you will not regret your choice!